A treasurer is likely responsible for his organization’s financial policies and assets. Within the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, a chapter’s Grand Treasurer manages the chapter’s finances while the Worthy Grand Treasurer (WGT) manages the finances of the international Fraternity. Elected at the 72nd Biennial Grand Conclave in Charlottesville, VA in 2019, Brother Martin “Marty” C. Petersen (Rho, Arizona State University, ’66) serves as the Kappa Sigma Fraternity’s Worthy Grand Treasurer and is responsible for the overall financial management and health of the Order.

Brother Petersen has a lifetime of experience both within the Fraternity and professionally. Brother Petersen is a proud veteran who served in the US Army in Vietnam, and then joined the Central Intelligence Agency where he served for over 33 years before retiring as the Agency’s Deputy Executive Director and Acting Executive Director. On his career, Brother Petersen says, “I did the nation’s secret work for over three decades and continue to advise, teach, and consult after retirement.” 

Brother Petersen has attended numerous memorable Kappa Sigma activities and events since his initiation. “I enjoy every opportunity to get together with my Brothers, but two stand out,” says Brother Petersen. “The 150th [Anniversary Grand Conclave] at Charlottesville [VA] in 2019, and Champion’s Weekend every year.” He was also named Kappa Sigma’s Man of the Year in 2006 and fondly remembers that day saying, “On a purely personal level, I will always remember being named the 2006 Kappa Sigma Man of the Year.”

Kappa Sigma has had a large impact on Brother Petersen’s life. When asked about why he volunteers, Brother Petersen replies, “It is only with time that I realized how much Kappa Sigma gave me as an undergraduate, and I want to give back to an organization that gave so much to me.” Brother Petersen continues, “I’ve worn the badge for over 55 years now, and nothing makes me feel as young and energized as speaking to my young Brothers.” Brother Petersen believes it is important to mentor and uplift the next generation, and encourages alumni to get involved. “One true measure of success in life is not the positions that you hold or the materials that you accumulate, but the lives you touch for the better,” says Petersen. “That is the power of the iPledge program, and that is the reward for mentoring another Brother.”

Brother Petersen has seen many changes in the world and Kappa Sigma in his lifetime. When asked about what advice he has for our undergraduates, Brother Petersen shares these words of wisdom. “You get out of something what you are willing to put into it, and almost always several times over. It is amazing what a group of Brothers can accomplish when they share the same values and work toward a common goal. The Ritual, the Code of Conduct, and the Star and Crescent are guides for life. Work as a team, set goals, look after one another, study hard, have fun, and cherish this time in your life. Kappa Sigma is not for a year or a term but for life if you let it be.”

Thank you, Brother Petersen, for your service to our nation, our Brotherhood, and for your leadership on the Supreme Executive Committee! A.E.K.Δ.B.