So much of what we do in Kappa Sigma comes down to communication! Whether it is spreading the word for Champion Quest, reaching out to alumni, or celebrating a successful A Greater Cause effort, our chapters do a great job using social media and online tools to communicate to our brothers and their campus communities.
However, these practical tools for spreading good news can also communicate the wrong message just as quickly. That is why our Code of Conduct has Internet Use standards: To help provide guidance on best practices for online communication and to protect Kappa Sigma when someone uses poor judgment.
The Internet Use standard is simple. It applies to all online communication. If the Headquarters staff or your DGM are made aware that inappropriate content is posted, your chapter will be asked to take it down.
While there is no hard or fast rule to what is appropriate, the New York Times Rule is a good rule of thumb. Would you be comfortable with your content being on the front page of the New York Times website or print edition and having your mother or grandmother reading it? If the answer is no, you shouldn’t post it.
Chapters and members should keep in mind that they may create their own chapter accounts, but not general Kappa Sigma accounts. Our Communications Commission and headquarters staff run general Kappa Sigma groups and accounts on behalf of the International Fraternity. New social media sites and platforms come up all the time, so if you don’t see Kappa Sigma on your favorite platform, shoot us an email at [email protected] and let us know you want to see us on that service.
If you ever have any questions on the Internet Use standard or useful communications tips, please contact your AA or DGM, or contact the Communications Commission at [email protected].