Your Chapter Website

You play an important role in your community as a chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.
You provide value through philanthropic donations, community service projects, and leadership. A great chapter website is essential if you want to increase your reach and influence within your community.
A chapter website does not have to be complex or fancy. In fact, I suggest keeping your website as simple as possible.

Important Pages For Your Chapter Website

A chapter website can help your chapter in a number of ways, including public relations, recruitment, and raising support for events. The benefits your chapter will receive from a website are almost limitless.
Let’s take a look at the main features that make a great chapter website.

1. Homepage

Purpose of the Homepage
The purpose of the homepage is to get people to dive deeper into your website to learn about your chapter.
Your audience should know what your website offers within 3 seconds of landing on your website. It’s a great idea to include links, images, and Call To Actions on your homepage that speak to your audience.
Homepage Content Ideas

  • Display relevant information to direct your audience deeper into the site.
  • Links to relevant areas of interest deeper in your chapter website.
  • Easy access to high-traffic areas. This will change based on season, current events, etc.
  • Include at least 3 Call To Actions to prompt people to take action.
  • Dynamic content based on Rush, upcoming events, etc. This will help keep your website fresh and relevant for your readers.

2. About Page

Purpose of the About Page
Use your About Page should answer basic questions about your chapter.
The About Page shouldn’t be stuffy or too professional. Often, this page will be the most visited page, so put your best work here. Focus on building a relationship with your readers and introducing the chapter to your readers.
Share general information, history, current leadership, and values of your chapter and Kappa Sigma as a whole. This information will help build your chapter as an authoritative figure in your community.
About Page Content Ideas

  • Show your chapter personality, and use this page as an introduction to your chapter.
  • Explain your chapter history.
  • Show the top accomplishments, benefits to the community, and public involvement, etc.
  • Explain the Four Pillars and tie them back to everything you do.
  • What things does your chapter do to benefit the local community? What events do you participate in? What makes your chapter stand out from other Greek organizations?

3. Leadership Page

Purpose of the Leadership Page
Your chapter is a trusted organization in your community. The Leadership page is the place to promote your chapter’s leadership.
You want to provide information about your Executive Committee on this page. This is a great opportunity to have a “soft intro” with people who are interested with your chapter. Some basic information to include is:

  • A high-quality portrait of each EC member
  • A three sentence bio of each EC member is more than enough This information should build on the personality of each member. Include interests, major, and other interesting information about each EC member.
  • Contact information so your audience can contact individual EC members.
  • It’s also a good idea to include names and images of committee chairs. This will give a sense of pride to the committee chairs and provide deeper insight about chapter leadership.

Leadership Page Content Ideas

  • Pictures, bio, contact info of all 5 EC members
  • Committees, and contact info to get involved
  • Description of each committee
  • Benefits of getting involved
  • Links to more information on developing as a leader
  • Focus on Leadership

4. Recent News

Purpose of the News Page
This section will be a running blog, where you will be able to publish all the great events, news, and accomplishments about your chapter. This section of your chapter website should be updated at least once a month with chapter news.
Your chapter can leverage your news section to increase PR initiatives and event outreach. Maximize your efforts by placing all news about your chapter in this area to reference in email and other digital media.
Each blog/news entry should be at least 350 words. Each entry also needs to have a high-quality image that represents the event or story you are sharing.
Think about basing your content around the Four Pillars (Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, Service). This will focus your efforts and improve the impact of your news stories.
News Content Ideas

  • Regular monthly publications
  • Press Releases
  • Upcoming event news
  • Successful event summary/review
  • A Greater Cause community service events
  • Shoutouts to Brothers making a difference

5. Contact Form

Purpose Of A Contact Form
The general contact form will be the primary way your audience can get in touch with your chapter about questions and other topics.
Design this page to capture information that is not time sensitive. Include information like location, phone number, and contact person if applicable.
Your readers are at the contact form because they want to talk with you, so treat this page as though you are introducing yourself. Maintain a casual tone that invites your readers to engage with your chapter.
Remember to link the contact form to an email account that is regularly monitored and always respond to messages within 48 hours.
Recommended Fields For Your General Contact Form

  • First/Last Name (Required)
  • Email Address (Required)
  • Phone Number
  • How Can We Help You (Required) [Drop Down]
    • Upcoming Event
    • Information Requested
    • Rush
    • PR
    • Other [Text Field, User Fills In]
  • Let Us Know What’s On Your Mind [Paragraph Field]

Final Thoughts

It is important to keep your website updated on a regular schedule. If you are going to invest the time and energy into having a website, you must keep your pages updated.
Be sure to maximize your efforts by adding, at least, one monthly update to your News section. You can use your website as a central “hub” of information to grow your presence and authority within your local community.
Plan your content distribution ahead of time so you can produce and publish relevant content. For example, school starts the same time each year, so think about ways to create content for Rush before school begins.
Use these five pieces to make a strong chapter website that will build authority and increase your presence in your community!