Through Helpful, you’ll be able to easily give and get help from other brothers on personal and professional topics, meet brothers that you have interests in common with, and ultimately maximize the value we all receive as being part of the brotherhood of Kappa Sigma.

  1. Get Help and Be There for Others – Helpful makes it easy to ask your fellow brothers for advice, follow posts that you find interesting, and request introductions to someone who can help.
  2. Effortlessly Connect with Other Members – Not sure who’s in your community? Want to get to know them better? Detailed user-profiles and our personalized matching tool makes it easier to meet members of your community than ever before, or catch up with people you haven’t heard from in a while.
  3. Always Be in the Loop – Never miss an event or announcement from your community. Plus, we’ll optimize your feed based on your interests and goals, so you’ll always see content that matters to you.