The Upsilon-Theta Chapter at Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, Florida hosted their largest fundraising event to date to benefit the Military Heroes Campaign. Brother Austin Abbott recaps the events, what it took to make it happen, and his favorite moments.

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Under the lights on Sunday, November 5th, the brothers from the Upsilon-Theta Chapter hosted their first annual Home Run Derby for the Military Heroes Campaign. Brother Mic Wilson flew out to represent the Military Heroes Campaign, meet the brothers, and throw out the first pitch as well. The Home Run Derby consisted of 14 batters, 3 rounds, fan promotions, and everlasting memories.

We generated over $1,500 in total revenue and 100% of proceeds were donated to the Military Heroes Campaign. Having over 30 brothers/alumni in attendance aided the derby tremendously. Various brothers announced, cooked, shagged fly balls, pitched, recorded, and umpired throughout the success of the 1st annual Home Run Derby. Each batter received a shirt, walk-up music, and a shout out over the PA system. We had planned this for roughly 6 months, advertised thoroughly, received many sponsors and donations, and were absolutely thrilled with the overall results, to say the least. The first 25 fans received a free hot dog and Kappa Sigma wristbands. We had sorority’s paint banners pertaining to the military heroes’ campaign and Kappa Sigma. Each fan voted on their favorite banner which we hung from the press box as soon as fans walked into the softball complex. The incentive for the sorority with the most votes, who was Alpha Sigma Tau, won a social that will be fully paid by us for next semester.

“The personal highlight for myself was when Brother Mic Wilson started jogging out to the outfield to shag fly balls with my brothers. At one point he almost robbed a home run in left field as he was trotting back towards the warning track. The event, that moment, and everything just hit me all at once.”

My sophomore year we started as an interest group and I’ve served as GM ever since. In a few days, on November 13th we have elections and I’ll be stepping down from GM. From starting out as an interest group, the chartering 7 months ago, to Mic Wilson coming to our biggest fundraising event ever in the final week as GM, it really hit me that we had accomplished more than I could ever imagined and I’m just extremely fortunate to be a brother in the greatest fraternity ever. I am simply forever in debt to Kappa Sigma and am extremely fortunate to have all of the memories that I’ve made with my brothers over the years of my undergraduate career.
Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign
The Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign is committed to supporting ongoing care for our military veterans and their families. We aggressively pursue opportunities to assist our nation’s veterans with financial and organizational support to help them overcome the battles they fight every day.
The Military Heroes Campaign is rooted in the idea that every veteran deserves a stable life and an active community of supporters. We do this through the generous donations of thousands of donors just like you and work with trustworthy organizations to ensure that donations go directly to those veterans who need it most.