On Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014, the historic Gamma-Eta Chapter returned to Harvard after an 81 year absence from the University. Four chapters from the Boston area initiated 55 men with the leadership of Deputy Ritualist Jesse S. McClain (Omicron-Psi, Bloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania, ’07). Special guests in attendance at the installation included Worthy Grand Master Hugh M. Robert (Epsilon-Mu, University of Tulsa, ’95), Champion Quest Commissioner Justin A. Hansen (Xi-Beta, Northeastern University, ’01), Caduceus Editor Gary Marinelli (Xi-Beta, Northeastern University, ’04) and Executive Director Mitchell B. Wilson (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, ’78).
The chapter is led by Grand Master Pieter J. Zenner, with support from Alumnus Advisor Landon M. Lemoine (Xi-Beta, Northeastern University, ’09). The chapter is located in the Eastern New England District where Brother Robert J. Ranley (Xi-Beta, Northeastern University, ’05) serves as District Grand Master.
A special thanks to the four chapters who sent ritual teams:

  • Gamma-Delta – University of Massachusetts
  • Pi-Kappa – Bentley University
  • Pi-Phi – Brooklyn College
  • Xi-Beta – Northeastern University

About the Gamma-Eta Chapter
The Gamma-Eta Chapter was originally founded on June 24, 1905 at Harvard University. In 1933, in response to actions taken by the university, the chapter voluntarily dissolved its status and returned its charter to Headquarters. During its 28 years at the university, Gamma-Eta produced several notable Alumni, including: Brother Bradford Cannon, a 1927 initiate and the first chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital; Brother Lyman B. Smith, a 1922 initiate, renowned botanist and “the father of bromeliad studies;” and Brother Robert E. Fulton Jr., a 1928 initiate and renowned inventor with more than 70 patents, including the Skyhook areal rescue system used by the C.I.A. during the Cold War. Keep up with the Gamma-Eta Chapter via their website and Facebook page.