Brother Justin Constantine was initiated into the Lambda-Sigma Chapter at James Madison University on September 8, 1990, and served his chapter as Grand Procurator. In addition to Kappa Sigma, Brother Constantine played rugby, worked at the school gym and served on the student government.
“Kappa Sig is the only fraternity that I rushed, and I enjoyed every minute of my experience there,” said Brother Constantine. “Lot of great friendships there, and I have a lot of funny stories about my (undergraduate) time in Kappa Sig, and it continues today.”
Brother Constantine graduated from James Madison University and then went on to attend law school at the University of Denver. Brother Constantine joined the US Marine Corps after his second year of law school as an active duty judge advocate specializing in criminal law and worked as a defense counsel and criminal prosecutor.
In 2004, Brother Constantine left active duty service and became a reservist. He went on to volunteer for a 2006 deployment to Iraq where he would lead a group of marines.
On October 18, 2006, an enemy sniper shot then Major Justin Constantine in the head behind his left ear. The bullet exploded out of his mouth, causing catastrophic damage to his face, completely destroying his jaw. Those first on the scene believed that the sniper had killed Brother Constantine, even declaring him as killed in action.
Thanks to the heroic actions of a 24-year-old Navy Corpsman who put his own life on the line, Brother Constantine was saved through an emergency tracheostomy on the battlefield.
After his rehabilitation, Brother Constantine became a motivational speaker and award-winning veteran advocate. He has met countless leaders, including Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
“Since his injury, Brother Constantine has continued to lead from the front and serve as a role model to other wounded warriors,” said Hugh M. Robert, Worthy Grand Master.
Brother Constantine speaks at universities, major corporations and veteran’s advocacy organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, where he serves on the Board of Directors. His message serves to inspire, teach and instill a sense of determination to never give up. Brother Constantine spoke at the 2014 West Leadership Conference in Las Vegas and shared his story with undergraduates and alumni in attendance.
“Everyone in this room is a leader and you have to act like it every day,” said Brother Constantine while addressing the 2014 West Leadership Conference in Las Vegas. “There’s no better way to motivate others to do something than to be out there in front doing it yourself”
In addition to motivational speeches, Brother Constantine is an entrepreneur, published author and is currently pursing an advanced law degree from Georgetown University.  He finds time to reunite with his chapter Brothers for yearly golf outings and trips down memory lane.
“None of you can ever give up on your values and Fellowship that we hold dearly as members of this fraternity,” said Brother Constantine.  “None of you can ever give up being your Brother’s Keeper and supporting each other when necessary, and none of you can ever give up on the ideas of community service and having a positive impact on those around you.”
Brother Constantine’s awards for his service in Iraq include the Purple Heart, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and the Combat Action Ribbon. Additionally, the Supreme Executive Committee proudly presented Brother Constantine with the Fraternity’s 23rd Golden Heart Award at the 2014 West Leadership Conference in Las Vegas. The award is given for valor, bravery and courage in service.

Brother Constantine displays the Golden Heart Award surrounded by the Supreme Executive Committee.

“Through his journey of courage, injury resilience and triumph, Brother Constantine demonstrates that we are all stronger than we think we are,” said WGM Robert. “His personal story of recovery and success is a testament of the power of the human spirit and the message he shares applies to all of us.”
Brother Constantine’s speech at the West Leadership Conference served as a reminder to always cherish and appreciate life.
“I’ve learned that with your inner strengths, humility and a victorious spirit, we’re each able of overcoming the toughest obstacles,” said Brother Constantine. “I know that life can be difficult and full of challenges. But take it from me, life is also beautiful and precious and something each of you should treasure; not just get through.”
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