Kappa Sigma’s FIVE Campaign has concluded as the single greatest weekend fundraising event in Kappa Sigma’s 152-year history!

Our Kappa Sigma Brothers answered the call once again. In just 72 hours, 581 Brothers upgraded or became One of Jackson’s Men, donating an astounding $1,382,054!

“The FIVE Campaign was an unprecedented and historic success for the benefit of our undergraduates today and in the years to come,” said Worthy Grand Master Adam J. Merillat.

Thank you to all our Brothers who participated in the FIVE Campaign. Because of these efforts this Founder’s Day weekend, our undergraduates will benefit from hundreds of new scholarships and other educational program support.

Once again, you, our Brothers, showed that Kappa Sigma remains number one, second to none. Truly, Kappa Sigma is a Brotherhood Like No Other!