Our Order has seen another record breaking biennium. We have surpassed our own benchmarks by setting a world record in recruitment, leading our communities in philanthropic events, and donating $650,000 to the Military Heroes Campaign. In all four pillars, Kappa Sigmas have dominated the fraternal world.
This past biennium, we issued the charge for all brothers to dedicate themselves to a Kappa Sigma Takeover. We challenged our brothers to not be content with being members of the number one Fraternity in the world, but to guarantee that they were members of the number one Fraternity on their respective campuses. Our Brothers answered the call like only Kappa Sigmas can, and our 327 chapters and colonies across North America have shown the world what we can do.
But our competition is biting at our heals. The Star and Crescent is not yet the pride of every college and university in the land, nor has the gift of Kappa Sigma been bestowed on every worthy man. We have much to do if we want to continue beating every record we have set.
So I ask you to join me in taking Kappa Sigma’s next step. It’s time for a new challenge. It’s time to rededicate ourselves. It’s time to push ourselves further than ever before. We can and will accomplish this by ‘Setting the New Standard’.

‘Setting the New Standard’ will be the message of this Grand Conclave into our next Biennium. It is a call for brothers to beat our one true competition – ourselves. We must reach higher, think bigger, and exceed expectations. Brothers, we cannot achieve our New Standard without you. Please join me and our Brothers at our 71st Grand Conclave in Las Vegas.