The 2021 – 2023 biennium promises to be a record-setting period for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, thanks in large part to our newly elected Worthy Grand Master (WGM). Brother Adam J. Merillat (Epsilon-Mu, University of Tulsa, 2002) is Kappa Sigma’s leader and champion, serving as the international president of the largest fraternity in North America. A proven leader, Brother Merillat works professionally as the Vice President of Operations for MIRATECH in Tulsa, OK, and is a long-time Kappa Sigma volunteer. With a bold vision for success, Brother Merillat introduced 3 goals for the biennium: grow Kappa Sigma by welcoming more pledges than ever before through Champion Quest, build a strong alumni volunteer support team for our chapters and undergraduates, and continue growing undergraduate chapter scholarship funds through Kappa Sigma’s Endowment Fund initiatives.

Since his initiation into the Epsilon-Mu chapter in 2002, Brother Merillat has been heavily engaged with Kappa Sigma and has participated in numerous Fraternity activities and gatherings. Among these, two stand out. “My first Conclave was in 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada,” says Brother Merillat. “I truly got to see how big Kappa Sigma was. The second event was more of an experience, which was my first trip to our International Headquarters, [in Charlottesville, VA]. It still takes my breath away each time I drive up!”

Brother Merillat’s passion for volunteering for Kappa Sigma is one created by previous examples. “I volunteer for Kappa Sigma because of the impact the volunteers made on me while I was an undergraduate. Now that I am an alumnus, I have been fortunate enough to get to meet brothers from all over [North America] that have become lifelong friends!” 

Based on his decades of experience within Kappa Sigma and beyond, Brother Merillat has much to offer our Order. When asked for one piece of advice to share with our undergraduate brothers, Brother Merillat emphatically states, “You get out of Kappa Sigma what you put into it. Don’t just sit back! Be active in your chapter, when you graduate get involved immediately and don’t look back! Kappa Sigma is truly for life!”

Thank you for your dedicated service, Brother Merillat. All Kappa Sigmas stand with you as you lead us into the future! AEKDB